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Simplify your evidence gathering with one device.

Stop dragging around multiple pieces of equipment and batteries

Evidence stored on secure cloud for easy access

App Features

Secure Cloud Sync

Securely upload and store your evidence in a FIPS compliant cloud storage.


Your colleagues can access the uploaded evidence instantly.


Take photos with your iPhone and add them to your evidence files.


Conduct interviews, record evidence and add them to your evidence.

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What people are saying

Amos Halava - Police officer and IT professional

“Before my agency began using the iCrimeFighter mobile evidence platform, it was difficult to use smart devices for evidence collection due to concerns about data security and difficulty pulling data from individual apps,” said Amos Halava, police officer and IT professional for the Watauga Police Department, Watauga, Tennessee. “With iCrimeFighter running on our smart devices, we spend less time juggling multiple pieces of equipment and can better focus on gathering the evidence and statements we need. Being able to immediately file the information in a secure way means we save even more time back at the office when it comes to filing reports and logging evidence,” Halava added.

Harrison PD Arkansas - Lead Detective

“iCrimeFighter saves us at least 30 minutes per case”

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About iCrimeFighter

iCrimeFighter is a mobile evidence gathering system that was developed to by law enforcement officers striving to bring true mobility to everyday work life of law enforcement. Our company’s mission is to make products that make and investigation and evidence collection easier and more efficient.