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iCrimeFighter is a Digital Evidence Management System (DEMS) that makes collaboration easy.
Learn how iCrimeFighter can help you drive efficiency, optimize costs, and enhance your cybersecurity.


Million files added weekly




Agencies nationwide


States and growing

Unlock the iCrimeFighter Edge


Works with all Bodycams, Videos, Images and RMS/CAD systems.


Best-in-class customer support with same day response.


One click sharing with prosecutors and other agencies.


Built by law enforcement for officers and prosecutors.

Easy to Use

Agencies start using iCrimeFighter in less than a day.


All-in-one pricing makes budgeting easy. No hidden fees or surcharges.

Expanding Across America

Established in 2011 in MN, iCrimeFighter has earned the trust of over 375 law enforcement agencies throughout the United States and continues to grow at a rapid pace.

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iCrimefighter Evidence Management Evidence Software
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Why iCrimeFighter?

Reasons why you should choose ICF

Built by officers specifically for the law enforcement market

Easy to integrate, no onsite training required

Customization and support 24/7


Client Success Stories

"It’s easy to use for our patrol staff. One simple cell phone, one thing to worry about, they can take statements, they can take pictures and it’s all downloaded to a system via the cloud without them having to come back and worry about downloading stuff and getting it done."

Chief Deputy Jim Lietz
Waushara County Sheriff's Office
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"The records management team no longer has to burn CDs or DVDs to share information with the District Attorney or for open records requests. It also makes it easy to collect digital evidence from the field."

Chief Deputy Mike Horstman
La Crosse County Sheriff's Department
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"Recording interviews and taking photos and then uploading to the Cloud eliminating CDs. The District Attorney has gotten on board and now Law Enforcement securely shares cases with the DA’s office with a few clicks versus all the papers and CDs of the past."

Joe Zauner
Marquette County Sheriff's Office
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We’re Committed to Being an Integral Part of your Team

At iCrimeFighter, we understand that crime can happen at any time, which is why we offer 24/7 support to ensure that you have access to assistance when you need it the most. We prioritize public and community safety and are dedicated to providing the best support in the industry. Our team is always ready to help, and we are committed to resolving issues promptly without making you wait

Our Philosophy

The role of the police is becoming increasingly challenging these days, and we understand the gravity of their responsibility. That's why we aim to simplify their lives by providing easy-to-use evidence management solutions. By simplifying this critical aspect of their job, police officers can focus on what they do best - safeguarding the innocent and keeping communities secure.

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iCrimefighter Evidence Management Evidence Software