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iCrimeFighter is an industry-leading Evidence Management System

iCrimeFighter is a pioneer in the Digital Evidence Management Software (DEMS) industry having been started by law enforcement officers in 2011. The company started with iPhone and Android applications and has grown to a full evidence collection, cloud storage, and secure evidence sharing system.

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iCrimeFighter Modules that will take your DEMS to the Next Level

Native Apple and Android Mobile Applications

Our mobile applications allow officers to collect and upload digital evidence from the field. You no longer need to maintain digital cameras, voice recorders, video cameras, and note pads, as our applications do it all. Files can also be added from the web portal and important case information can be shared out via a secured link. 

Collaboration Modules for other LE Agencies and Prosecuting Attorneys

iCrimeFighter can share case access or files via secure link with other collaborating law enforcement agencies and district attorney. Never again will you burn evidence DVDs.

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Evidence Anywhere

The Evidence Anywhere module sends a secure link via email and the receiver can securely upload digital evidence directly into the case file. This feature is used extensively to collect evidence from retailers who send photo and video evidence to police departments using iCrimeFighter.

Phone Dump and Body Cam Storage

Never worry about external hard drives again, with iCrimeFighter you can upload complete phone dumps and body cam videos to our secure cloud storage. iCF also provides support for uploading your old files/videos into iCF using a multitude of avenues including a desktop migration tool.

Defense Attorney and Open Records

Make responding to open records requests and defense attorneys a breeze by sending secure download links. You will receive confirmation of viewing and download, which is maintained inside of the case history. Every piece of digital evidence can be tracked from upload to download. The history shows any modifications, views, downloads, or deletions by individual users.

iCrimeFighter Web Portal

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Want to see the difference yourself?

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