iCrimeFighter and AWS

iCrimeFighter uses AWS GovCloud to give you the best DEMS in public Cloud. AWS GovCloud is an isolated region specifically created for government applications in the USA. Thanks to GovCloud, iCrimeFighter is compliant with the security and hosting needs of Federal, State and other Public agencies. More information about AWS GovCloud is available here.

iCrimeFighter is a Public Sector Partner with AWS.

Advantages of AWS
Unlimited Storage

Evidence is stored in the highly resilient unlimited AWS storage.

iCrimefighter Evidence Management Evidence Software
iCrimefighter Evidence Management Evidence Software

iCrimeFighter can scale with demand. You get minimal downtime from the way iCrimeFighter is hosted on AWS.


You get the FIPS, CJIS and SOCII compliance thanks to the AWS infrastructure being used.

iCrimefighter Evidence Management Evidence Software


"...we were getting a lot of flash drives and CDs of evidence. We would upload it and it was our biggest consumption of our city hard drive"

Minnetonka Police Department
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"We saved twelve thousand dollars worth of paper in a year... it basically ended up saving us more than what we were paying for iCrimeFighter"

Vernon County Sheriff’s Office
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"One of the first big cases that we used iCrimeFighter on was a burglary of a tire company where more than $100,000 of truck tires were stolen"

Nebraska Police Department
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