March 8, 2023

Vernon County Sheriff’s Office Saves Over $12,000 per Year in Paper with iCrimeFighter

Vernon County Sheriff’s Office Saves Over $12,000 per Year in Paper with iCrimeFighter

Over three years ago the Vernon County Sheriff’s Office began an implementation of iCrimeFighter to replace their old evidence collection, storage, and sharing methods.

Deputy Bill Zirk lead the implementation of iCrimeFighter to collect, store, and share digital evidence. While becoming an expert of the system he realized the potential of uploading fillable PDF's into iCrimeFighter that would allow deputies in the field to write many reports directly on their in-squad laptops. Since Bill's implementation of PDF in the iCrimeFighter Digital Evidence Management system hosted by Amazon's Gov Cloud Vernon County has managed to go paperless. In their first year they saved over $12,000 just in paper costs. They are saving even more when you included CDs, DVDs, and the time savings of being able to collect digital evidence remotely.

In this video below Deputy Bill Zirk of the Vernon County Sheriff’s Office describes how it was to implement iCrimeFighter in their organization. The county is using iCrimeFighter with Amazon's GovCloud to store digital evidence files along with PDF forms that can be filled in-squad.

Since the implementation the customer has expansion plans of using the product with neighboring counties and the District Attorney to share case information.

If you are interested in using iCrimeFighter to save the time and cost of evidence management, please contact us at or check out our website.

About iCrimeFighter:

iCrimeFighter is a Cloud-based evidence and file collection, storage and sharing software that helps Law Enforcement agencies and those they work with, including prosecutors and county agencies access the power of AWS GovCloud. More information about iCrimeFighter is available at