Does iCrimeFighter have a direct integration with any bodyworn camera hardware?

iCrimeFighter does not provide a direct integration solution, but it offers a desktop application to simplify the process of uploading your videos directly into your case file.

Is iCrimeFighter all web based?

iCrimeFighter is a web-based product that runs on AWS GovCloud. This allows for seamless and secure access to the product from any web browser, without the need for any additional software installations. The use of AWS GovCloud also ensures that the product meets the strict security and compliance requirements for government customers.

Is iCrimeFighter secure?

iCrimeFighter is designed with security in mind and is compliant with multiple industry standards such as CJIS, FIPS, and SOC 2. With these certifications, customers can have peace of mind knowing that their data is being securely managed and protected.

Is there a full time support team?

Yes, our customer support team is dedicated to providing quick responses to any inquiries you may have, so you won’t have to wait days or weeks to hear back from us.

How long does it take to implement iCrimeFighter?

The implementation of iCrimeFighter can be completed in under an hour. The web-based design eliminates the need for any additional software or hardware installations, making it a quick and effortless process. To get started, simply provide us with a name and email address.

Is there a chain of custody report?

Yes, iCrimeFighter has a case history feature that serves as a chain of custody report. The case history provides a chronological record of the handling and transfer of digital evidence, including the date and time of each event, the person responsible, and any other relevant details.

Is iCrimeFighter accessible through a mobile application?

iCrimeFighter does have a mobile application, however, the application is to serve as a means of transferring data to the cloud. It provides a user-friendly interface for collecting and uploading information, which is then stored in the cloud for easy access and management. There is not a mobile viewing application at this time.

How are you sharing with the other agencies or prosecutors?

iCrimeFighter offers two options for sharing case information. You can share a full case by flipping a switch, which provides quick and straightforward sharing of all case information with relevant parties. Additionally, iCrimeFighter offers a file share tool, providing a convenient way to share information with outside parties. These options provide a user-friendly and efficient way to share information with other agencies, prosecutors, and outside parties who need access to your case information.

Can outside agencies and civilians upload data?

The Evidence Anywhere feature in iCrimeFighter provides a secure and convenient way for your agency to collaborate with outside agencies or civilians. By sending a secure link via email, you can grant others access to upload files directly into your case file. This feature streamlines the process of sharing information and allows for easy collaboration with outside parties. The secure nature of the link ensures the confidentiality and integrity of the information being shared, making iCrimeFighter an effective solution for your agency's collaboration needs.

Can iCrimeFighter store any file type?

iCrimeFighter is a versatile and flexible solution for storing all file types. It can accommodate most video formats and provides a web-based player for streaming. Additionally, iCrimeFighter, allows you to upload forensic data extractions through its Desktop Application, making it a comprehensive solution for storing and managing all types of case information. Whether you need to store video evidence, forensic data, or any other type of file, iCrimeFighter has the capabilities to accommodate your needs.

Does iCrimeFighter have a search feature and organizational tools to organize my case?

iCrimeFighter has a cutting-edge folder structure and search feature to help you manage your case information. The folder structure provides a user-friendly way to categorize and store your data, and the search feature makes it easy to quickly find the information you need. These tools work together to provide a comprehensive and efficient solution for managing your case information.

Does iCrimeFighter allow redactions?

iCrimeFighter focuses on preserving and storing the original source material, and does not have a built-in redaction capability. However, if a third-party redactions software is used, iCrimeFighter can easily and efficiently store the redacted material within the case file.