March 8, 2023

iCrimeFighter and Altoona Wisconsin Fire Department

iCrimeFighter and Altoona Wisconsin Fire Department

iCrimeFighter is a company that provides software solutions for public safety agencies. One of their products, called the "At Scene Solution," is designed to streamline the investigative process for fire departments and is based on storage in the AWS Gov cloud. In this case study, Mark from the Altoona Fire Department discusses his department's use of iCrimeFighter's At Scene Solution in an interview with iCrimeFighter.

Before adopting the At Scene Solution, the Altoona Fire Department used a traditional approach to investigations that involved using digital cameras, recorders, and handwritten notes. The process was time-consuming and required the use of flash drives, CDs, and paper files. They would then have to take everyone's notes and put them together later.

However, with the At Scene Solution, the department can have three different people out interviewing participants, and all the data is collected in one location. They can take pictures and record audio and video, eliminating the need for handwritten notes. The city-issued iPhones and iPads used by the department allow staff to take pictures and start interviews earlier without the need to search for paper or pen. The convenience of the technology has streamlined the process and reduced the time frame for the department.

When asked about the sharing of the information collected during investigations, Mark explains that in the past, they used to have to burn CDs and use flash drives, which was not convenient. They also had hard copies of report documents that had to be sent over in various ways. With the At Scene Solution, all the data is stored in one location, making it easier to share with insurance companies, law enforcement, or others who require it. Evidence and files are stored securely as iCrimeFighter is a Public Safety partner using Amazon's Govcloud.

Altoona Fire Department's adoption of iCrimeFighter's At Scene Solution

In conclusion, the Altoona Fire Department's adoption of iCrimeFighter's At Scene Solution has improved their investigation process and made it more efficient. The technology has eliminated the need for handwritten notes, paper files, and the use of multiple devices to store and share information. It has streamlined the process of investigation and made it easier to share information with others.

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