October 31, 2023

Solving Digital Evidence Challenges with Cloud Technology: A Closer Look at Kearney Police's Journey

Solving Digital Evidence Challenges with Cloud Technology: A Closer Look at Kearney Police's Journey

Modern-day criminal investigations have become increasingly dependent on digital evidence, from CCTV footage to mobile data. This shift has ushered in new challenges, particularly in terms of storing, accessing, and managing this data. The Kearney Police Department (KPD) in Nebraska found themselves overwhelmed by the digital deluge until a cloud-based solution transformed their approach.

The Kearney Case: A Digital Evidence Milestone

A theft involving over $100,000 worth of truck tires in Kearney presented KPD with a complex digital puzzle. The criminals left behind a trail of 320 pieces of digital evidence, ranging from security camera recordings to cell phone data. But the crucial challenge wasn't just collecting this evidence – it was the coordination across multiple states and jurisdictions.

This is where the iCrimeFighter Digital Evidence Management System (DEMS), powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), came into play. It allowed officers from different jurisdictions to remotely upload their evidence via a secure link. Instead of drowning in paperwork and physically transferring boxes of evidence, KPD efficiently streamlined the entire process. "With this one case, we saved 20 to 30 hours,” Captain Michael Young proudly declared.

The Rising Tide of Digital Evidence

Digital evidence is no longer the exception; it's rapidly becoming the norm. Back in 2022, 60% of the 14,000 items logged by KPD were digital. Just five years before, this number was at a mere 35%. With the increase in body cameras, car cameras, and civilian surveillance systems, the volume of digital evidence has exploded.

Jason Brovitch, our Chief Sales Officer, remarked, “The files get so large that on-premises services are no longer a viable option,” highlighting the significant IT challenges that arise from this digital evolution.

Choosing the Right Digital Solution

KPD knew they needed a solution that would provide ease-of-use for officers and the benefits of cloud storage. Their selection process was driven by both these requirements, eventually leading them to iCrimeFighter. Our platform, hosted on AWS, provided them with the flexibility, security, and simplicity they needed.

The transition was seamless. Officers who were initially resistant to past software changes eagerly asked, “When do I get to use it?” after seeing a demo of iCrimeFighter. Not only did it make their lives easier, but it also facilitated better quality of work. Captain Young noted improvements in crime scene photos, saying that officers were "taking more and better crime scene photos."

Embracing the Future

The digital evidence landscape is evolving, and law enforcement agencies need solutions that can keep up. Today, iCrimeFighter serves not just KPD but also several other police agencies, university police departments, and even sectors like parking enforcement and animal control.

At iCrimeFighter, in collaboration with AWS, we're committed to shaping the future of digital evidence management. We're proud to support agencies like KPD in their journey, and we're here to help yours too.

Download our detailed case study here to delve deeper into how Kearney Police solved their digital evidence challenges with the cloud.

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