March 8, 2023

Vernon County District Attorney Recommends iCrimeFighter

Vernon County District Attorney Recommends iCrimeFighter

iCrimeFighter recently received a strong recommendation from the Vernon County District Attorney’s office. The Vernon County District Attorney Timothy Gaskell encouraged all their law enforcement partners to use iCrimeFighter for a variety of reasons, including:

  1. Discovery: iCrimeFighter case files are immediately available to all relevant parties - law enforcement, district attorneys, defense attorneys, etc. through iCrimeFighter’s easy to use sharing capability.
  2. Customer Service: iCrimeFighter support has been very responsive to Vernon County’s needs.
  3. No more CD/DVD burning: Since all files are stored on AWS GovCloud, there is no need to burn discs and no time spent in transport.  iCrimeFighter also tracks the complete chain of custody for all items.
  4. Case History: Case histories are easily available in one place making discovery simple.

Please refer to the entire recommendation here.

If you are interested in using iCrimeFighter to save the time and cost of evidence management, please contact us at or check out our website.

About Vernon County DA:

Vernon County is a centrally-located Wisconsin county. The District Attorney’s Office is tasked with representing the People of the State of Wisconsin and Vernon County in court proceedings. More information about Vernon County DA is available here.

About iCrimeFighter:

iCrimeFighter is a Cloud-based evidence and file collection, storage and sharing software that helps Law Enforcement agencies and those they work with, including prosecutors and county agencies access the power of AWS GovCloud. More information about iCrimeFighter is available at