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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

What Makes Us Different?

iCrimeFighter was born as an idea of using an iPhone to collect evidence replacing traditional devices such as digital cameras, video cameras, and voice recorders. The first version of iCrimeFighter was created for iOS in 2011. Since then, the team and the product have grown and evolved. 


Our Impact

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icf Linkedin banner (1).png
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Timothy J. Gaskell

District Attorney
Vernon County

I am writing to urge all District Attorney Offices and Law Enforcement agencies to strongly consider implementing the iCrimeFighter system into your daily workforce.


Mike Horstman

Chief Deputy
La Crosse C
ounty Sheriff's Department

The records management team no longer has to burn CDs or DVDs to share information with the District Attorney or for open records requests. It also makes it easy to collect digital evidence from the field.

Marquette County Sheriff's Office.png

 Joe Zauner

Marquette County Sheriff’s Office

Instead of sending paper copy to the District Attorney's office of the entire case, we can just click a button and share the case and they have total access to the case. 

ICF Case Study from Kearney, NE PD

Want to see the difference yourself?

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