iCrimeFighter for Prosecutors

Digital Evidence Management System for Prosecutors

iCrimeFighter for Prosecutors is a DEMS made specifically for Prosecutors. Receive evidence from multiple sources, view files without downloading anything and share discovery with the click of a button.

iCrimefighter Evidence Management Evidence Software

Share Evidence without DVDs, Media

iCrimeFighter for Prosecutors allows you to receive and share evidence without burning and shipping media. The files are stored in a secure cloud and instantly available to anyone you share with.

iCrimefighter Evidence Management Evidence Software

Supports all your needs

iCrimeFighter for Prosecutors includes a comprehensive chain of custody history, email notifications for shared evidence, and best in class customer service. It can be implemented within a day.

iCrimefighter Evidence Management Evidence Software

Why iCrimeFighter

Easy Discovery

Share evidence with Defense Attorneys with one click.

Unlimited Storage

Storage available to house all the evidence from bodycams, mobile phones, CCTVs etc.


All Law Enforcement agencies in your County can seamlessly share digital evidence with your office

Quick Implementation

No need for IT to be involved in the implementation

One Place for all Evidence

All the case files in one place. Attorneys do not have to keep going back to LE to ask for missing items

Wide Support

All the media files can be viewed online without any special equipment

Client Success Stories

''Since all files are stored on AWS GovCloud, there is no need to burn discs and no time spent in transport.  iCrimeFighter also tracks the complete chain of custody for all items.''

iCrimefighter Evidence Management Evidence Software
Anne Pickle
Criminal District Attorney of Jasper County
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''My first question for Jason was, does my IT department has to be involved at all? Some of you probably have IT departments that are heavily involved in your office, mine is not. So my first question to him was, do they have to be involved? and he said no, and he was absolutely hundred percent correct''

iCrimefighter Evidence Management Evidence Software
Brian Williams
Black Hawk County Iowa District  Attorney
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''I am writing to urge all District Attorney Offices and Law Enforcement agencies to strongly consider implementing the iCrimeFighter system into your daily workforce''

Timothy J. Gaskell
Vernon County District Attorney
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